Performance Suspension Upgrades

What is high performance suspension?

Sports Suspension or Performance Suspension

High performance suspension is specially designed to withstand the demands of high speed or endurance driving. Components are more sophisticated, stronger and versatile that standard equipment.

Sports suspension, comprised of springs, shocks and struts that can be regulated in different ways to offer a variety of handling and ride quality.   This type of suspension can help to eliminate the rebound from vehicle tyres on the surface of the road and can increase the handling, stability, and drivability of a vehicle, while also providing a smoother ride over rougher terrains.

In addition, performance suspension usually offers adjustable elements which can alter the suspension characteristic to suit specific conditions or ride requirements.

Upgraded suspension can give you better contact with the road, sharper turns, and more stability while a sport-tuned suspension will allow you to feel the road, as if you were racing on a track.

Improve your car’s handling with a performance suspension kits

H&R coilover suspension kit & anti-roll bars
H&R produce four different spring product lines, six different coil over product lines, two different Cup Kit product lines, a sway bar program, the largest wheel spacer and adapter program in the industry, along with camber adjustment bolt sand the lightweight line of I.D. Race Springs. Every suspension application is designed to be vehicle specific and all of our products are manufactured and produced to enhance handling potential, personal style, and retain vehicle ride comfort.

Suspension Components

Powerflex suspension bushes

Replacement performance suspension bushes, high temperature exhaust mounts, closed cell foam and PU bump stops. Ultimate performance motorsport track and race bushes offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis.
Wheel alignment and geometry settings are fundamental to vehicle road holding, cornering performance, driving pleasure and safety. Getting the ‘right’ wheel alignment and geometry recipe is critical, but must be done in a way that it complements the mechanical suspension specifications and vehicle usage. Taken that extra step further, the right formula should also match the driving style. Powerflex suspension bushes can increase the handling potential of your hot hatch or set up your sports car for some weekend racing.

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