Performance Brakes

High Performance Brakes

High Performance Brakes upgrades – supply and fitting is available for upgraded performance brake kits. Improve braking performance with reduced brake ‘Fall-off’.

Upgrade the stopping power of your car or van with a sports performance brake upgrade including uprated disc and and performance brake pads.

Perfectly balanced brake system upgrades for road and track day applications. Guaranteed quality and performance from the leading brake component manufacturers.

The typical braking system in most production cars is mass produced to a price point. Mass production dictates that components are durable and more than adequate for everyday motoring. Braking systems are designed to stop a vehicle efficiently and last a reasonable mileage within certain cost parameters. Upgrading your braking system will offer a new dimension to braking efficiency and reliability.

We offer a tailored service for:

Brake fitting

Performance brake discs

Performance brake pads

Efficiency Gains

Lowest dust fast street pad with 15% brake improvement.
Capable of repeated heavy brake use without brake “Fall-Off”.
Very minimal disc or rotor damage characteristics.

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We also offer Performance Exhausts, Brakes, Suspension & Racing Wheels.

Enhance the performance of your car, van, motorhome or tractor!  Make it faster, handle better, improve your stopping power and braking efficiency, more economical or more stylish.

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