Ferrari Tyres and Geometry

The Best Tyres for Your Ferrari

Why Blackboots and Wheels in Motion tyres and geometry for Ferrari Tyres?

One of our Directors is the proud owner of a Ferrari 430 Spyder F1 and is a member of the Ferrari Owners Club and also a Fiorano Ferrari member.

Talking to other members it became very apparent that many were very nervous about where to take their beloved pride and joy for its specialist Ferrari tyre service,  geometry and wheel alignment checks, but also who could be trusted to take care of any tyre issues without the risk of damage or scratching to the wheels – something that we have seen from some lesser able outfits.

With that in mind, investment in the finest equipment available in the UK and Europe was undertaken and the result is a modern, state of the art facility with comfortable reception, plasma television and refreshments, but more importantly:

  • Boss Touchless Tyre Machines
  • Hunter Hawkeye Three Dimensional Wheel Alignment and Geometry systems
  • Uniflate Nitrogen ‘Formula 1’ tyre inflation
  • Advanced anti vibration systems for precision wheel balancing
    but most important of all….
  • Highly skilled professionals and the expertise to use this equipment.

Ferrari Geometry and Wheel Alignment

Why Geometry and Alignment?

The modern car covering average mileage could warrant having its geometry checked twice a year but certainly no less than annually. Incorrect geometry and alignment can have a profound effect on handling and performance, drive quality, fuel economy and tyre longevity. Check our specialist geometry services pages.

Your Ferrari Tyres

Protecting your investment

Congratulations on your forthcoming purchase of tyres for your supercar. However, you need to be mindful about correct geometry and wheel alignment settings (this could be the reason for your inconsistent or premature wear).

Fitting the correct tyres is imperative to the car’s performance and splendour but there is a very important requirement needed to complement this, that being the chassis positions (adjusted / corrected by geometry and wheel alignment). It’s easy to think “oh now what” but in truth this opportunity to tune the chassis back to the original build positions is an advantage over lesser Marques.

The car manufacturer had the insight to offer an adjustable chassis and from this we can reposition the chassis back to the perfect build positions originally intended, compensating for the accumulated daily trauma experienced from our roads. Surgically calibrated we offer the splendour originally intended handling plus the reassurance that your tyre investment is absolutely secure and the life of your new tyres maximised.

Porsche Tyre Fitting & Alignment

At Blackboots we are the specialists when it come to everything tyres, from selecting the very best type of tyre for your Ferrari to the tyre fitting and everything that goes with it. Checking rims, precision fitting using the Boss Touchless Equipment, Nitrogen inflation, wheel balancing, alignment and even steering geometry. We specialise in top end and vintage vehicles and ultra high performance tyres where both the tyres and wheels are very individual and often priceless. We have the most experienced staff to look after your vehicle and offer high quality service.

Our wheel alignment and tracking service can resolve your steering problems with our expert steering geometry technicians from Blackboots Tyres Chesham, the UK’s leading authorities on wheel alignment. At Blackboots we have the very latest wheel alignment technology and top industry leading experts, Blackboots and Wheels in Motion offer you the very finest service for wheel alignment and steering geometry.

Led by Tony Bones, one of the UK’s leading authorities on steering geometry and alignment, with years of experience on race car set-ups, your car is ensured the very best possible attention, to aid better performance, drive quality and tyre longevity.

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