Lexus Tyres and Geometry

Tyre Wear and Handling Solutions for Lexus Cars

Tyre wear and handling solutions for the Lexus IS200 / sport / 300 / sport cross

We were asked by the Lexus Owners Club if we could find a solution to the historic front inner tyre wear on the above mentioned vehicles. By adopting three unmodified cars covering different driving environments:

  • Mainly motorway
  • Mainly around town
  • Mixture of motorway and town
  • We carried out a study and proved that the reason for the tyre wear was that the front Camber / Castor relationship suggested by Lexus were very likely incorrect.

The Lexus IS200 / 300 chassis has an adjustable front Camber but not Castor, so we wrote a procedure to correct both Camber and Castor “indirectly” without the need to replace and steering components.

With our Geometry positions calibrated into the donor cars they proved a generous tyre life, dismissing the distressing inner tyre wear.

Our chassis positions are accepted nationally to solve tyre wear and handling problems, as seen by some very happy Lexus owners at our facilities below.

Lexus Tyres