Winter Driving & Tyres

Why Winter tyres?

Winter Tyres, Winter tyre service

Do not be fooled into thinking that because it hardly ever snows where you live, that you will never need to use or have winter tyres. Winter tyres are designed to cope with all types of poor weather conditions, not just snow, and they give you far greater traction and road holding on extreme, wet, mud covered roads and through slush and ice. What’s more, their rubber compound has been specially formulated for superior performance on wet roads and the lower temperatures during winter time;  you will certainly agree there are plenty of opportunities where that arises.

Many people have now decided in the very best interests of health and their personal and family safety to keep a spare set of wheels (usually steel ones as you don’t want salt corroding your expensive alloys during the winter months) already mounted with winter tyres and thus swapping them over at the end of the autumn and keeping them on until spring, just like most of our friends and partners in Europe already do. Most winter tyres are designed to perform well on dry roads as well but with the ever unpredictable weather, it is always best advised to dress your vehicle in its winter clothing well in advance of the season and then you will be prepared for any eventuality. Full sets of four are best and they are also known as M+S (mud and snow tyres). They should never really be mixed with normal road tyres as this may lead to unstable breaking and cornering.

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