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Tyre Fitting- from Ferrari to Fiesta

Blackboots and Wheels in Motion offer a fitting service for all cars but we also offer a specialist tyre fitting service for super cars, performance cars, prestige cars of all makes and models using state of the art equipment.

Precision Tyre Fitting

At Blackboots we are the specialists when it come to everything tyres, from selecting the very best type of tyre for your car or van to the tyre fitting and everything that goes with it. Checking rims, precision fitting using the Boss Touchless Equipment, Nitrogen inflation, wheel balancing, alignment and even steering geometry. We specialise in top end and vintage vehicles and ultra high performance tyres where both the tyres and wheels are very individual and often priceless. We have the most experienced staff to look after your vehicle and offer high quality service.

The Boss Touchless Tyre Machine radically changes the traditional approach to tyre fitting. The fully automated tyre removal and fitting service caters for today’s bigger rims and wider tyres. The wheel is held securely and the tyre removed effortlessly. Refitting the tyre is just like magic: no damage to the rim or your tyre.

The Uniflate Nitrogen Inflation System ensures your new tyre is inflated to perfection. All this together with Blackboots Tyre Fitting expertise means your car will never have had such a professional tyre and wheel fitting service since it left the factory.


Why change tyres at 3mm tyre tread depth?

Did you know that Police, Ambulance & Fire Brigade vehicle tyres are changed at 3mm tyre tread depth? Because vehicle safety and performance suffers severely when tyres are worn below 3mm. The difference between the average braking distance of a vehicle driving at 50 mph with 3mm of tyre tread depth, compared to the same vehicle with the current legal limit of 1.6mm is the equivalent to the length of a double decker bus – FACT.

Blackboots recommend that new tyres are fitted at no less than 3mm. The legal minimum tread depth for car tyres is 1.6mm throughout the central three quarters of the breath of the tread and round the entire outer circumference of the tyre.

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Precision Tyre Fitting Chesham