Wheel Alignment – Wheel Tracking

Alignment or Tracking

as it is sometimes known, can affect the handling and safety of your car and lead to excessive or uneven tyre wear. Wheel alignment can be upset by hitting a kerb, or hitting a pothole at speed. Alignment can also be affected by wear on steering or suspension components.

Our wheel alignment and tracking service can resolve your steering problems with our expert steering geometry technicians from Blackboots Tyres Chesham, the UK’s leading authorities on wheel alignment. At Blackboots we have the very latest wheel alignment technology and top industry leading experts, Blackboots and Wheels in Motion offer you the very finest service for wheel alignment and steering geometry.

Led by Tony Bones, one of the UK’s leading authorities on steering geometry and alignment, with years of experience on race car set-ups, your car is ensured the very best possible attention, to aid better performance, drive quality and tyre longevity.

Our state of the art equipment includes the Hunter Hawkeye 811 Pro Wheel Aligner. This stunning piece of machinery gives Tony and his team a precise indication of the state of the alignment and allows them to make the most precise changes to the geometry of your car. To find out more about the technology behind wheel alignment and an insight into Tony’s expertise we have a number of pages of information produced by Tony within the Wheel Alignment Technical Theory section of our website.

We recommend that you have your alignment or tracking checked every 10,000 miles or at least once a year, according to use and conditions.

Why Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked?

  • Improve vehicle handling
  • Eliminate uneven tyre wear
  • Reduce premature tyre wear
  • Resolve pulling to one side

Call  01494 797820 to make an appointment or buy tyres online here and book to have your alignment checked at the same time.

Tony Bones, one of the UK’s leading authorities on wheel alignment

Tony Bones, one of the UK’s leading authorities on wheel alignment